two grandparents posing with their two grandchildren next to a waterfront

What I Did Last Week – In the Rain!

Last week, I had scheduled a September FUNdraiser, and it turned out to be an extremely wet weekend. I offered the participants an option to keep their appointment or move to the following week. This family chose to keep their scheduled time, and we got some amazing photos as a result. I’m really glad they came.

When you decide to do an outdoor photo session, rain is always a possibility. Lots of people run away from the rain, in search of sunshine and warm temperatures. I would encourage you to sit tight, and go with the day that comes. Embrace the idea that the weather may not be perfect. In the picture above, I see tenderness and warmth. I see the family loving and protecting each other, feeling safe. I think the weather enhances the family connection.

When I think back on my childhood, I have a lot of fun memories of being outside in the pouring rain, splashing in puddles, and marveling at the power of nature. Do you? I remember being rushed out of the pool in the summer when the lifeguards saw lightening. I remember hearing sirens because of potential tornado conditions, and feeling so alive! I think it’s invigorating and joyful to play outside in the elements. Kids do this all the time, but when you bring adults into the mix and let them play together, you’ll see some real magic happen. Put that excitement and energy together with the soft lighting that the clouds provide, and you’ve got a particularly wonderful photograph in the making.

Don’t fear the rain. Embrace it. Know what you want in your pictures, and accept that there are many ways to make that happen.

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