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Family Photography at Lara Grauer Photography is one of the most fun and fulfilling types of work we do. It seems like family photography is always an adventure. For a few moments you welcome us in and we make magic. We photograph all sizes of families, from young expecting families to large multi-generational families. Our sessions range from 15-minute mini-sessions on the beach of the Puget Sound to giant family sessions around holidays, graduations and family events. Every family has their own special vibe and we like to plug in, if only for a moment.

These are the photos that make up your memory wall and the heirlooms that get passed down from generation to generation. Creating these works is our passion. Maybe it’s been awhile and maybe you’ve been putting it off, but there’s no time like the present.

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  • a printed image of grandparents in an orange frame on a fridge with a printed recipe under it

    Why Do Portraits Matter?

    I’ve been thinking of my clients, friends, and others in my network over the past 6 weeks, and wishing you love and good health. I know everyone is experiencing their own unique storm under the clouds of COVID-19. My storm has required me to retreat and take cover for a while. During this time of…

  • middle aged woman with blonde hair looking to the top left

    Meet Astrid

    Astrid grew up in Germany. She met her husband Rob at art school in Atlanta, Georgia. She has since spent many years as an artist and graphic designer, and she recently became a U.S. Citizen. Astrid and Rob have called many places home. They’ve spent years at a time in Georgia, Germany, Rhode Island, and…

  • summer family beach photography panorama at richmond beach saltwater park, puget sound washington

    Summer Family Beach Photography

    Yesterday we were out at one of our favorite outdoor photoshoot locations, the Richmond Beach Saltwater Park in Shoreline, Washington. We finally got a break from the heat and the wildfire smoke and had a gorgeous day for some relaxed family photography out on the Puget Sound. The shot above is a panorama photo of…

  • photo of a family walking on rocks alongside a water front with trees in background.

    How To Choose Family Picture Outfits

    You’ve got your family portrait session on the calendar, and now it’s time to get ready. The biggest question: how to choose your family picture outfits. What in the heck are you going to wear? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Colors Let’s start with colors: Where will you be hanging your pictures when they’re done?…

  • family preparing their horses for a photography shoot

    Iowa City Farm Photo Shoot

    From time to time we at Lara Grauer Photography are known to take our show on the road to do remote photo sessions outside of the Seattle area. On Tuesday we found ourselves well beyond the beaten path down a long gravel road about 40 miles outside of Iowa City, Iowa for a family photo…

  • black and white dog staring to the right with its tongue sticking out

    Portraits are High-Priority

    The end of 2013 was a bit sobering for me. My world now includes a child in the community with cancer, a newborn baby with unexplained seizures, a friend with preeclampsia, loved ones with ongoing pain and suffering, and elderly animals facing illness and death. For a typically optimistic person like me, this much bad…

  • mom and dad posing on a log with their young son and daughter

    The Making of a Beach Portrait

      I do a lot of family portraits on the beach. I like it there, and I’ve gotten familiar with the process of not only shooting the photos, but editing them as well. Late afternoon conditions can be a challenge when you’re shooting against a bright sky without artificial light sources to balance it out.…

  • two grandparents posing with their two grandchildren next to a waterfront

    What I Did Last Week – In the Rain!

    Last week, I had scheduled a September FUNdraiser, and it turned out to be an extremely wet weekend. I offered the participants an option to keep their appointment or move to the following week. This family chose to keep their scheduled time, and we got some amazing photos as a result. I’m really glad they…