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AI Headshots VS Seattle Headshot Photographer

A.I. (artificial intelligence) seems to be all the rage these days. I’ve heard people in the Seattle Headshot Photographer space wonder about whether computers will replace the need for photographers – especially for business and company headshots. There is certainly A.I. headshot software out there for you to try. While it’s interesting to see what machines can come up with, the lack of a real photo shoot experience with A.I. headshot results leaves a lot to be desired.

To begin with, an A.I. headshot is only that: a headshot. You need to submit some images into a piece of software and watch it spit out some headshots. Whether or not the resulting pictures are authentically you is very much up to chance. The results may feel a little “off” since they’re made by a machine.  A.I. headshots are certainly novel, but are they photos to be proud of? I think not.

When you hire a Seattle Headshot Photographer like me, Lara Grauer, for a custom headshot session, you get so much more! Here is why a proper headshot session with me is the way to go compared to spinning up AI Images:


Choosing a Seattle Headshot Photographer for a photography session ensures an experience that extends far beyond a simple click. It commences with expert guidance and meticulous planning for your session, where every detail is tailored to meet your needs and vision. Lara Grauer Photography understands the importance of attire in creating the right impression. I will provide clothing selection and recommendations that cater to your personal style while enhancing the desired aesthetic of the photograph.

Moreover, we deeply comprehend how crucial it is to incorporate brand considerations into your image. People take the time to understand your business and its values, so we ensure that these elements are reflected in your headshot. This results not only in a photograph but an authentic representation of you as an individual and professional. In contrast to AI-generated images, which can feel impersonal and distorted, choosing a Seattle Headshot Photographer offers a human touch that truly captures your essence, making it the superior choice for professional headshots.

Hair & Makeup Styling

At Lara Grauer Photography, we believe that a professional headshot is more than just a picture; it’s a commitment to the art of portraying you at your best. A significant aspect of this art lies in our expert hair and makeup styling. Unlike AI-generated images, our professional work is meticulously done to ensure that your headshot is authentically ‘you.’ A Seattle Headshot Photographer will achieve this by employing a profound understanding of your unique beauty and aesthetics, embracing personal styles and preferences to bring out the best in each client’s photo.

As a Seattle Headshot Photographer, I offer extensive experience with the nuances of photography lighting, and Art Grauer does a fantastic job of being my voice-activated light stand! We know how different types of lighting interact and what kind of moods they give, or which parts of your body and face they can accentuate. This careful consideration is something no AI can replicate. While you can do your best to describe the lighting you want in your AI photo, the program simply doesn’t understand light physics and simply aims to replicate lighting from images and art it’s been trained off of. Since lighting a scene is unique and very distinct, AI art produces the wrong lighting and shadows in an overwhelming amount of pictures. While this error isn’t immediately apparent in AI images, it’s enough to make you realize something is clearly off with the picture. This is why many AI-generated photos seem to be fake and unnatural, even if you can’t quite place a finger on what’s wrong.


As a Seattle Headshot Photographer, I recognize that the location and experience of a photoshoot play a vital role in the quality of the end product. When you choose us for your headshot session, you’re not signing up for sterile, impersonal machine interaction. Instead, you’re embarking on a full-fledged experience at our physical location in Seattle. Our studio is designed to make you comfortable and relaxed during your shoot, a stark contrast to the cold, mechanical process of feeding images into A.I. software. The atmosphere we create helps bring out your natural ease and confidence, which invariably reflects in your photographs.

Moreover, I will provide professional direction and guidance throughout the shoot, which is something AI completely lacks. I understand how to capture authentic expressions and quality poses that truly reflect your personality and professional image. I constantly interact with our clients during the session, using conversation and silly antics to draw out genuine emotions that give depth to our photographs. This human touch done by a Seattle Headshot Photographer is fundamental in producing engaging portraits that speak volumes about who you are as an individual. Simply being in front of a screen and generating AI photos are emotionless and completely one-sided, offering no direction or assistance in getting you what you need.

Finished Product

When you opt for a professional headshot session with Lara Grauer Photography, the advantages are manifold. To start with, every image captured is an authentic photograph taken using light. This ensures that you’re not just a subject but an integral part of the entire photographic process supervised by a Seattle Headshot Photographer. The photos are not merely renderings or estimations made by software but genuine moments frozen in time through sophisticated camera lenses and your personal interactions with the environment.

Moreover, all photographs from your session undergo professional retouching to present you in the best possible way while still retaining your unique human essence. Unlike AI-generated images, which often result in exaggerated and inconsistent depictions, my professionally retouched photos maintain a balance between aesthetic appeal and authenticity. They reflect not just your physical likeness but also small nuances that make up your personality and show the world what makes you unique. Compared to AI headshots, a Seattle Headshot Photographer will triumph every time in this regard.

Seattle Headshot Photographer Remains the Best Choice

Ultimately, while AI headshot software might seem an exciting novelty, its impersonal and often distorted results are no match for the human touch and expertise that I provide at Lara Grauer Photography. From custom consultations, inspired hair and makeup styling, a fun and memorable photoshoot experience, and professionally retouched finished products, I will ensure you are satisfied and well-represented in your photos! Choosing a Seattle Headshot Photographer means choosing quality, authenticity, and an end product that truly represents you. Each decision made by a Seattle Headshot Photographer is about enhancing your personal brand image with a professional touch. In a world where first impressions matter more than ever before, making the right choice for your headshots is imperative – a choice that values authenticity over artificiality.