Attract Ideal Clients - Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer Shares

Women sitting in a white chair with white background. White stool with flowers in a glass vase on top.

Attract Ideal Clients

Pictures demonstrate authenticity in ways that words alone cannot. Show prospects what makes your business choice-worthy by communicating visually about your products, services, and people. Help them experience what it’s like to be your customer!

Consider these six ways to make a positive impression and connect with ideal clients by demonstrating who you are through photographs.

  1. Youshots 

Portrait of woman smiling and holding flowers.

Think beyond headshots. Point at a blank area to which you can add graphics later; laugh; interact with others. Think about what’s relevant to your clients and how you want them to see you.

  1. Teams 

group of people dressed for business in the lobby of law office.

In addition to individual headshots photograph your team(s) together. Formal and informal photos show your company’s human side. They are a window into who makes your company special.

  1. Workspaces

entry to medical suite with view of hallway

The building where your company does business offers opportunities to showcase your company’s personality. The main outdoor sign, reception and areas where customers and staff interact, your personal office and conference rooms help prospects visualize the experience of working with or purchasing from you. 

  1. Work Activities

man in construction hard hat and vest inspecting clipboard while standing next to many valves

High-quality stock photos showing people at work—alone, in teams and with clients—shows your company is action-oriented.

  1. Products and Services

Images featuring your company’s output, including photos of products, products in use and people engaged in your services, set customer expectations. They also show that you have pride in what you do.

  1. Inspirations

boy in a green high-school graduation gown staring off into the ocean

Choose images that represent your company’s goals, mission and ways you contribute to the community. Show you care about things beyond the bottom line.

Customers care about price and fair value, which they measure through intangible experience. Given the opportunity, people choose companies aligned with their principles. Photographs help businesses unveil what goes into a product or service, connect with prospects and earn more ideal clients who appreciate what makes your company the best one for them.

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