The Fun Begins Now - Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer Shares

A mother and father pick up their young child and hug them together while laughing

The Fun Begins Now

Now that you have your life back after the holidays, doesn’t it feel good to relax a bit, let go, hang out in your pj’s and play with your kids, partner, friends, pets—whoever? Getting cozy in the winter comes naturally. And cozy makes for great pictures, the kind you look back on later with a smile.

You can make everyday moments memorable with a very small amount of effort. The “secret” is making them fun. Here are a few ideas to trigger actual silliness you can capture with your phone or other camera.

  • Ask for the silliest faces your people can make while they’re doing their usual stuff
  • Get a bird’s-eye view. Stand on a chair or the stairs.
  • Get a dog’s-eye view by attaching your phone to your pet’s collar
  • Take a close-up selfie using the wide angle feature
  • Snap a selfie with whoever is with you and tell them one reason why you’re glad to be together in that moment
  • Jump in the air
  • Get an ant’s-eye view. Capture strength and power by taking a photo from the ground looking up.
  • Put a little peanut butter on your cheek. Call your dog and take some selfies.
  • Make one-eyed monsters by standing forehead-to-forehead
  • Get everyone together and tell them to pretend to laugh…until they are actually laughing 
  • Set the camera’s timer function. Get in there and snuggle hard with your family of besties!

Jumping on the challenge bandwagon, here’s one for memory-making. Take two minutes every day in January (set your phone alarm) for picture-taking. Make fun and relaxation your goal and see what you get!