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Meet Astrid

Astrid grew up in Germany. She met her husband Rob at art school in Atlanta, Georgia. She has since spent many years as an artist and graphic designer, and she recently became a U.S. Citizen.

Astrid and Rob have called many places home. They’ve spent years at a time in Georgia, Germany, Rhode Island, and Washington. During their travels, their family grew to include two sons, who are now teenagers.

Late this summer, we spent an afternoon together to create some headshots for Astrid’s work life, and some family portraits to archive this moment in time for future generations. Astrid’s motivating need was to send the prints overseas to a family member who is showing the beginning signs of dementia. Since they can’t visit as often as they’d like, they wanted to help her remember her family through photographs.



The day we spent together was awesome. We had some fun “girl time” with Kat St. John while Astrid had her hair and makeup done. When she was all done up and ready to go, we created some fantastic headshots. Later, Rob and the boys joined us for a family portrait session at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park in Shoreline.

We had a great time photographing Astrid & Rob and the kids. They’re good folks and great to be around.