Photo Of Our Loyal Black Tri Australian Shepherd

That’s our girl Heidi, our amazing black tri Australian Shepherd. As I write, she’s sixteen years young, perched atop her favorite seat on the back of our brown leather sofa watching the squirrels and the crows in the trees out front. Actually, it’s her brown leather sofa. Has been for at least a decade. She can’t chase those crows or those squirrels anymore, but she can still bark at them. And keep an eye on them.

She’s the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. We never intentionally trained her, but she comes when she’s called, sits when we tell her to sit, stays when we tell her to stay. She even comes, sits, and stays when we don’t tell her because she knows us better than we know ourselves. Sixteen years of loyal service, you tend to figure stuff out.

A few years back someone left the back gate open. Unbeknownst to us, Heidi wandered off to explore the neighborhood. A few blocks away she found a lady that put her on a leash, and Heidi pulled her all the way back home to our house. When I opened the door, the look on Heidi’s face said, “Mom! I found a nice people! Can we keep her?” Likely the smartest Aussie ever.

Sixteen years though, hard not to think about the passing of time. We’re blessed to be still watching the wheels go ’round with this old sweetheart. Just don’t take an eye off those squirrels though…

Location: Seattle, WA

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