Portrait Of A French Bulldog Who Is Definitely Not A Pug

That’s right, he’s a French Bulldog and definitely not a Pug. Nothing against Pugs or anything like that, but this Frenchie is easily identified as such by his upright ears, short straight tail, and outrageous French accent.

His handsome one brown eye and one blue eye look along with his pointy ears and impatient hopping demand you throw whatever toy you happen to have in your hand for a few quick rounds of fetch before indulging him in a session of gratuitous belly rubbing. If you haven’t yet rubbed the belly of a brindle pied in the backyard grass on a warm summer day, you simply haven’t yet lived, dear friend.

This image was shot on location with natural light, outdoors in this Frenchie’s lush green backyard, where a wee French Bulldog is the king of his castle and master of his domain, completely comfortable and at ease, ready to let his giant heart shine.

Location: Seattle, WA

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