Portrait Of Miss Ravenclaw The Bicolor Cat

Miss Ravenclaw sports a piebald bicolor look with black and white mask and mantle coloring, but her exact breed isn’t clearly known. But that’s ok, since this domestic short-haired cat is so dearly loved by her family. A kitten at the time of this photo, she currently lives with her mom and dad, two kids and fellow pet dog Collin.

A trusting house cat, Miss Ravenclaw enjoys rolling over on her back for extended belly rubbing sessions, a doglike behavior that I haven’t seen very often with cats. She’s unbelievably friendly and super cuddly, and enjoys being tightly wrapped up in a blanket, as a sort of cat hotdog, and cuddled really tight. Once she’s in her “hotdog” roll, she’s completely calm. It’s kind of like that thundershirt effect with dogs, or using tight swaddling to calm and soothe a crying newborn baby. I just never imagined the same thing would work so well with a cat.

During her session, she was very social and quite playful. We spent much time getting acquainted by playing together with her mouse toy on a string. There was a foam exercise roller tube that she liked to crawl through and roll around on. And of course, we wrapped her up a bunch of times into a cat hotdog.

Location: Shoreline, WA

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