Headshot of a woman with straight blond hair by Lara Grauer Photography

Seattle Headshots – Your Story Matters

“I just need a headshot.” I hear this phrase a lot, and it always makes me smile. If it was just a headshot, you would do it yourself without thinking twice. I get it. You’re thinking of a simple head-and-shoulders shot, and that’s it. Since you only need a photo of your face, it’s less complex than something else might be – so it’s “just a headshot.” That’s fair.

You care about your headshot, and you wanna feel proud to share it. After all, in a way your headshot is your whole story, conveyed in an instant. You can never be fully understood from a photo alone, but if it’s done poorly, you can be misunderstood.

What makes a great headshot? 

A captivating headshot doesn’t just happen; it’s meticulously crafted. Seattle headshot photographer, Lara Grauer is on a mission to encapsulate your essence in the most remarkable portrait possible. Your story starts taking shape before you set foot in the studio. We know what you’re like, who your clients are, and what matters to you both. We understand your brand and that of your company. We have sample images in mind that evoke a similar feeling to what you’re after. We’re prepared to engage with you in a fun and interesting way so we can capture your most flattering and authentic expressions.

A great headshot is fun to create. The process is comfortable and engaging. At times it seems a little weird, but you laugh and focus on the task at hand. Your relaxation may come in waves, but when it does it shows on your face, and your audience can tell the difference.

A great headshot is well crafted by someone who understands light. A flash isn’t required, but the knowledge of what the difference would be is crucial. We are proud to work with precision and skill. 

Most headshot clients say they want to look friendly and approachable, but we want to say more. We look for moments of clarity, and instances where you’re truly listening. It’s amazing what tiny adjustments can do to bring out your light within. 

Your story sells. Your story gets you hired. Your story matches you up with people you can work well with. Your story matters and Lara Grauer wants to tell it.