black and white photo of a mom and her son in formalwear

Seattle Kids & Family Portrait – Kids Grow Up in the Blink of an Eye

Remember when your baby would gaze into your eyes, their tiny fingers grasping one of yours? Remember when they buried their head in the crook of your neck for soothing after they fell? Remember how they vigorously leaped across the furniture escaping the “hot lava” floors?

Taking children and the many moments for granted in the daily grind is so easy. But, high school is only a blink away. Next, you know, they’ll be packing for college. The days may feel long, but the years fly by.

That’s why we make portraits. We want your home to reflect your family’s love and priceless memories. One day, when the kids are grown, you’ll recognize the miracle you’ve experienced, having watched your children bloom into adults. That day, the portraits on your walls will be more precious than ever.

Pause to appreciate the small joys in life and think about preserving these precious moments. Contemplate arranging a session for your Kids & Family Portrait today with renowned Seattle Headshots, Kids & Family Photographer Lara Grauer. Treasure these fleeting moments—they’re here for just an instant.