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Wedding photography is very near and dear to our hearts here at Lara Grauer Photography. I know, you’re probably looking for a wedding photographer. You’re probably looking for prices. Maybe you’re looking for tips on picking a wedding photographer. I’ll tell you a funny story.

It’s about our wedding photographer. When we got married back in 1999, we didn’t have much money and our wedding budget was very small. Honestly, when we started planning our wedding we didn’t want anything big. But there was too much love around us and soon we found ourselves with a gigantic wedding in a very small package. We had a giant tent in our parent’s backyard and our catering bill included the delivery of almost a hundred pizzas. Our wedding photographer was a very green co-worker who agreed to photograph our wedding for $50.

So, while we did manage to capture the entire day, we don’t have anything like the albums we offer our clients. Now, almost twenty years down the line, we wish we did. Now, I’m not tut-tutting or anything or trying to get you to just spend lots of money. You just need a single guiding tenet for finding a wedding photographer, and that’s to think about the future. Think about what you want to be looking at with your kids in ten years. Think about what you want to have sitting on the guest table at your 20th wedding anniversary party. Or your 50th. Think about what your grandchildren will be passing on to your great grandchildren.

Think About The Future

Wedding photography is about preserving the feeling of love, of sharing and preserving that milestone as legacy. It’s our specialty and we’re always looking for a new challenge. Get in touch right away!

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