A Few Peeks at my Dog Photo Marathon

I began sessions for the first (annual?) LGP dog calendar this week. It’s going well! Kelly and I were talking about next steps for my dog photography, and it was obvious that I could use some more dog portraits that reflect my true style. Kelly (my trusted promoter and assistant) mentioned a calendar, and voila! An idea was born.

Since the idea came up in November, there’s no time to waste. I had to get right on it. Thankfully, there was a lot of enthusiasm about participating in the project, so I was able to line up the dogs quickly. I put out the call on Sunday, and started shooting on Wednesday. At this point, I’ve got 3 dogs finished, and 9 to go. Plus, I’ll be creating a set of greeting cards that are all lab-themed!

I figured I should share some photos as I go. I don’t know that these will be the final images for the calendar, but they sure are cute! Thanks to everyone who is helping me with this project!


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