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Dog photography is one of our specialties here at Lara Grauer Photography. Photographing dogs is fun because they tend to be a little easier to photograph than other pets (I’m looking at you, cats…).  When we photograph dogs, our priority is to get your dog as comfortable with us as possible. This means photographing your dog in their everyday surroundings and getting to know your dog. As natural dog people, this comes pretty easy for us, even with great big shelter dogs that have had a hard time finding homes.

Lara Grauer Photography has been photographing dogs in and around the Seattle area since 2008. We’ve photographed many sweet pet dogs along with dogs that have recently been adopted. We also photograph foster and rescue dogs to give them a better shot at finding permanent, happy homes.

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  • Portrait of a dog on sofa by Seattle Photographer Lara Grauer

    Pet Pic Tips – Photos at Home

    It’s hard not to appreciate the spontaneous joie de vivre expressed by our furry friends! For that reason, it’s always a challenge to capture their cutest poses and true natures. Here are my best tips for photographing—and celebrating—our four-legged companions. May is National Pet Month, after all. Ways to capture the looks you love. It…

  • outdoor photo shoot of two brown and white dogs perched on log with woman taking photo with a dslr

    Australian Shepherd Portrait Session

    Hey all, it’s Art here with a behind-the-scenes video of a recent photo shoot with Brooke & Bently, two wonderful Australian Shepherd dogs. This was an on-location photo session at Pine Ridge Park in Edmonds, Washington, just a few towns to the North of Seattle. The session was in the morning on May 25th, 2018.…

  • brown dog laying down and posing in front of a fridge with bottled drinks.

    Dogs and Beer: Creative Dog Photography

    Art and I created some awesome pet portraits at BarkHappy Seattle’s dog event last weekend. This gathering was just before Easter, so it was aptly named the “BarkHappy Seattle Easter Begg Party.” When it first went on the calendar, we thought about doing photos with tulips, bunny ears, and pastel colors. Cliche? Yes. It’s also…

  • two large brown dogs eating treats from a man and a woman ready to take photos

    Dogapalooza – Riker, Buddy, Dottie & Gretchen

    Hey it’s Art here again posting from behind the reflector. Last Friday we found ourselves in Barrington, IL at Riker the dog’s place for a rowdy shoot with Riker, his brother Buddy, and his close chums Dottie and Gretchen.     Since I’ve been working with Lara, I think the most dogs I’ve helped out…

  • who small brown and black dogs posing on a brown and blue dressing stool

    Photos From Mud Bay

    Art and I had loads of fun photographing the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters that came in for Mud Bay’s Grand Opening Event in Shoreline! I’m here to share them with you now, so you can get your dose of cuteness for the day. What’s Mud Bay all about? Since 1988, Mud Bay has…

  • white and brown basset hound laying on a brown blanket

    Hound Dog Cuteness

    Can you say CUTENESS? This guy is a total bomb of cute and funny, which does wonders to make up for his silly and demanding ways!

  • super hero brown dog with a red cap magazine cover that says pet connection magazine

    Check out my cover photo!

    Just last week, Pet Connection Magazine released its March/April issue, and since they are featuring animal heroes and the Why Not Me campaign, one of my photos is on the cover! This Super Dog is Fiona, and she is staying at Emerald City Pet Rescue in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle. She has settled in…

  • black dog on the rocks at a beach shaking off the water

    A Peek into a Private Dog Session

    The last several weeks, I’ve been working with a client on a portrait project featuring his dog. She’s a sweet lab mix, about 8 or 9 years old, and she goes by the name “Miss Lily.” I want to share this experience with you so you can learn about the what’s possible when you have…

  • black and white photo of a dog running across beach water

    Calendar Session – Meet Callie!

      Callie. Look at those eyes. Look at that beautiful coat, and those sweet, pointed – yet floppy – ears. She is a gorgeous dog.       From time to time you can convince her to play. She’ll chase a stick a few times, but she probably won’t bring it back to you. She’ll…

  • small dog looking to the top left standing on a brown leather sofa

    Calendar Model – Little Sammy

      This little dude will melt your heart. His name is Sammy, and his big eyes have “puppy” written all over them.     Sammy is proud of his home, and he will go to great lengths to protect it. When I arrived the day of the photo shoot, he greeted me with gusto! Later,…