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Art in your inbox – February Edition

I’ve been looking forward to sharing some art with you this month, and today is the day!

A few months ago, I joined an online group called The Creative Sandbox. It’s run by a woman named Melissa Dinwiddie. She’s an awesomely vibrant spirit with a contagious enthusiasm for creativity and quality of life. She sells her visual art pieces, she performs and speaks in front of audiences, and she offers online classes to help people tap into their creativity. If you’re looking to get some creative spunk worked into your life, you should definitely check out what she has to offer.

As a member of her group, I receive regular artistic prompts, and daily encouragement to do something – anything – creative for at least a few minutes. The photographs here are some that I’ve created as a result of playing in the Creative Sandbox.


Backyard Pedestal



This pedestal sits on my back deck, day in and day out. I love the simplicity of this photo. My favorite part about this photograph is how the texture of the wood surface mimics the texture of the pedestal, and how these areas contrast with the smoothness in the background. This image makes me feel quiet and peaceful inside.


Lacey Trunk




The way the sun was shining on this tree drew me in. I love the sparkle of light that shines through the branches. The blurred out background provides a soothing contrast to the busy and complex tangle of branches.

The branches look to me like a delicate old lace doily. The trunk is wise and grounded.

Like a loving grandmother, this image embodies the feeling of hopeful confidence that emerges in the late winter when the birds begin to sing again.

At times, this tree can be full of chirping chickadees. They blend in so well with the busy branches, they’re hard to see, and it seems as if the tree itself is chattering. I would love to photograph some birds in this tree before the leaves come back! I’ll keep trying…


Alien Visitor




Here’s a little comic relief for your day. This image reminds me of childhood, and the fun we can have with our imaginations! The photo began with real things that exist in my home, but with a little bit of blur, and a new take on color, it becomes a goofy little character in a spectacular setting! Is it a distant sun back there? A UFO? A cartoon fireworks show? A big hand in the sky? What do you see?

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