orange cat laying down next to a pillow of a black and white cat

Calendar Session – Cute Cupcake!



Cupcake is one of those kitties that doesn’t have to do anything to capture you with her beauty. Her fur is perfect, her eyes are beautiful, and her body moves with grace.




Cupcake lives with three young children, so she has learned to tolerate quite a bit of chaos. She has found a few places where she can get away from it all. But most of the time she’s happy to play with cat toys and entertain the kids.




Cupcake was rescued from a barn, where she was living feral with her sibling. The family took both cats home, and Cupcake’s buddy went missing shortly after. Neighbors have reported occasional sightings of the other cat, but that’s about it. Cupcake, on the other hand, never goes very far.




Why would she? The yard is well-equipped with hiding places…




… and luscious gardens to explore. She seems to be content living in this awesome space, and having ample food provided for her whenever she needs it. Smart kitty!

Cupcake is one of the cats that is featured in this year’s cat calendar. Supplies are limited, so purchase yours today!

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