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The Real Reason Why You Need A Good Headshot

You’ve probably read the same things on dozens of different websites about how important headshots are for your personal brand and your business. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that having a good set of headshots is crucial to “putting your best foot forward,” and that you’ll “never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” and so on.

I’m pretty sure if you google either of those quotes, you’ll likely wind up on some photographer’s headshot portfolio page.

Maybe even on our very own headshot portfolio page.

Really though, here’s the essence of the whole headshot thing.

What is the real reason to have a really good headshot?

Oh man, it’s confidence. It’s all about confidence. A really good headshot is going to drive your confidence meter off the charts. It’s like an atomic bomb of confidence.

The Avian Biologist - Headshot Photo By Seattle Professional Photographer Lara Grauer

Let’s say you get a good headshot done. Not a selfie. Not by the person in the next cube over, or the shot from the wedding last summer with your drunk sister cropped out. Let’s say you have a few done by a really good photographer.

Like by us.

Whenever you see it, you’re going to light up on the inside.

No matter what’s happening, no matter how stressed out you are, you’re going to get a warm feeling inside. It’s like an internal smile. And the longer you look at your awesome headshot, the bigger that smile is going to get.

That internal smile is confidence. That warmth is confidence. And as your confidence grows, barriers fall before you.

The Human Resources Specialist - Headshot Photo By Seattle Professional Photographer Lara Grauer

Right now, maybe you have a business card with your photo on it. Maybe that was the best photo of you at the time, and maybe that photo is a few years old.

Maybe that photo isn’t so great.

Maybe you look a little green, or the outfit was nice but, you don’t look exactly tip-top.

Isn’t it hard enough already to introduce yourself to someone and exchange business cards? The last thing you need is that little voice in your head whispering, “yeah, but that photo on my card is from eight years ago, and my hair was huge then and looks different now.”

You don’t need that little voice working against you. That little voice needs to work with you. It needs to be on your side. And let me tell you, when your headshot looks good, that little voice will see it and whisper something like, “Oh yeah, I look so good. This is why I did this. Look at how good this card looks.”

The Environmental Consultant - Headshot Photo By Seattle Professional Photographer Lara Grauer

When that little internal voice is on the right side, on your team, cheering for you, you can do anything.

You won’t be passing out business cards because you’re supposed to. You’ll be passing out business cards because you want to.

Because you’re proud of how you look.

Because you’re confident that you look good.

Because you know in your heart that you’re making a really good impression.

And that confidence that you project when you meet someone and hand them your business card with your awesome headshot on it, that confidence is going to be that first good impression.

That’s what you want.

That’s why a really good headshot is so unbelievably important.

It’s all about confidence.

The Senior - Headshot Photo By Seattle Professional Photographer Lara Grauer

Look, I’ll be honest with you, Lara is an amazing photographer, and Lara and I are in the business of creating amazing photos of you and making you look really good. We get super excited every chance we get to change someone’s life with photography. We’d love to work with you. Fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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