woman posing for headshot portrait. Wearing a dark colored shirt with light blue stiched overalls, blond hair, wide eyed stair with hand resting on shoulder with a diamond wedding engagement ring and wedding band.

Seattle Portraits – You Are Worth It

Once upon a time, there was a sweet and loving young mom who spent a lot of time with her children. She loved her cell phone because it made it easy to take pictures wherever they went. She wanted to savor the special times her kids had as they grew and experienced the world. This fabulous mother supported her children’s well-being in any way she could, and her kids always knew she loved them. 

One day, after the children had grown to be self-sufficient and were living on their own, this remarkable woman reminisced as she scrolled through the memories in her photo archives. As she walked down memory lane, adoring her sweet young kids once again, she noticed the pictures suggesting she was never there. There were very few photos of her in the pictures with her kids. How would history tell the story of her children’s experiences over time?

Like too many women, this mom had avoided being in pictures because she wasn’t thrilled about how she looked. She always noticed her perceived imperfections – maybe it was a few extra pounds she wanted to lose, a not-great hair day, or a pimple that had shown up that morning – so she pointed the camera elsewhere. But nobody else ever cared about that stuff. They were just happy to have her around. Now, all these years later, there was nothing she could do to correct the story.

That afternoon, she called her kids and made a plan to get some portraits together, so that going forward they could honor their relationships and share the loving connection that they all knew was there.

Everyone agrees that portraits of kids are important. But what about portraits of you? Grown-ups matter too!

At Lara Grauer Photography, we believe that everyone is beautiful and worthy of celebrating. We challenge you to get in front of the camera to experience the self-love that can result from it. Here’s a partial list of moments that are made better when you are photographed to honor them.

  • Milestone birthdays (You’re never too old)
  • Experiences with children & grandchildren
  • Engagement / Wedding
  • Commemorate an award 
  • Pregnancy
  • New pets
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Best friend memories
  • Career photos & headshots
  • A great new outfit
  • Just because… 

Portraits are an investment for you, for your children, and for their children. Make a commitment to being in portraits. Contact us today to schedule your session.