Lively portrait of preschool girl grinning and dancing in white dress with gold butterflies overlaid onto white lace.

Seattle Portraits – Seasons of Childhood

Childhood is a beautiful chapter in life that occurs through five main seasons. As parents, we have the honor of watching our children move through each one up close. But when it’s over, the fading memories are all we have. I believe each season should be preserved with at least one wall-worthy portrait. 

Lara Grauer Photography focuses on Seattle children’s portraits for a reason: Lara is dedicated to capturing your greatest treasures in stunning images. Kids love Lara’s photoshoots – and you’ll love the results!

The five main seasons of a child’s growth are predictable and they lay the path for when to come in for your portrait sessions. We want you to reach your 18th year of parenting without a sense of regret for moments lost. 

Portrait of a baby hanging on the wall in a kid's roomWhen a baby is born, they begin their Season of Innocence. Babies are fully dependent and they change rapidly, so portraits in this season should be plentiful. Some features to capture: are their tiny size, gummy smiles, constant motion, and relationships with their doting parents. 

As a child passes their first birthday, they enter the Season of Wonder. This season is defined by high energy and unpredictability. As a young toddler, this kiddo will still cuddle and pose with their parents, so capturing relationships in portraits is ideal. During the preschool years, personalities become more distinct. Imagination runs wild and gives opportunities for adventurous and fun-filled photos.

Gradually time moves on and brings the Season of Discovery. Kindergarten and elementary school paves the way for making friends and learning about the world away from home. Portraits can capture maturing facial features and new teeth making room for themselves. Family portraits help kids maintain a feeling of confidence and belonging.

At this point, the Season of Significance begins. During this tween and early-teen stage, kids explore and demand, yet still need reassurance from their tribe at home (even if they say they hate you). Busy schedules and kids’ opinions make portraits a challenge, but with friends gaining influence in their lives, family portraits remind them that they matter to you. In the early teens, a stylish or fantasy photoshoot can give a respectful salute to the importance of their growth and development.

The Season of Purpose is the heart of the teenage years. Life can be tumultuous as kids take on new responsibilities like driving and firstCorner view of a n interior space, wall art, blue couch with four pillows plants, coffee table, floor to ceiling windows looking out on an outdoor space with chair and plant. jobs. Their senior year in high school marks the transition to college and living on their own. Portraits at this time are crucial. Capturing who they are at this moment brings your child a sense of pride, and it lets you stay in touch with them emotionally when they’re no longer at home every day. A family portrait is also important during this time because everything is about to change, and getting the family together is likely to become a new challenge for you.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to preserve their children’s stories because, without that effort, their heritage and legacy will be lost. People want and need to know where they came from. Cell phone snapshots are wonderful reminders of fun times, but artful Seattle portraits are the heirlooms that get cherished for generations.

“Elevate Your Moments: The Lara Grauer Portrait Photography Experience” 

Are you ready to transform moments into extraordinary memories? Lara Grauer Photography, with over a decade of expertise, as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), who specializes in capturing the essence of life through her lens. 

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  1. Consultation: Lara believes in personalized experiences. Reach out today to discuss your vision. Lara will tailor a plan just for you, whether it’s a child’s laughter, a family bond, or your professional brand. 
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  1. Wall-Worthy Portraits: Imagine adorning your home with portraits that evoke emotion. Lara’s commitment to quality ensures your memories become cherished heirlooms. 

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