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Why We Photograph is about the reasons, motivations, and artistic drives about why we do what we do. I kind of think about it as what drives us to take photos and be photographers. It’s about why we choose to create art through photography. Often there’s just a spark that sort of ignites an urge to create something seemingly just for the heck of it. That process from spark to finish is the core of why we photograph.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
— Elliott Erwitt

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  • black and white photo of a mom and her son in formalwear

    Seattle Kids & Family Portrait – Kids Grow Up in the Blink of an Eye

    Remember when your baby would gaze into your eyes, their tiny fingers grasping one of yours? Remember when they buried their head in the crook of your neck for soothing after they fell? Remember how they vigorously leaped across the furniture escaping the “hot lava” floors? Taking children and the many moments for granted in…

  • Young woman ballerina sitting with one leg crossed against a wall with wood flooring.

    The Whole Story In A Portrait

    For most of us, personal experiences with portraits trend on the boring side—school or work pictures taken in front of a bland screen or while posing in a nice venue.  On the other hand, many famous and well-loved artworks are portraits. The Mona Lisa, Whistler’s Mother, self-portraits by Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo—each tells…

  • a printed image of grandparents in an orange frame on a fridge with a printed recipe under it

    Why Do Portraits Matter?

    I’ve been thinking of my clients, friends, and others in my network over the past 6 weeks, and wishing you love and good health. I know everyone is experiencing their own unique storm under the clouds of COVID-19. My storm has required me to retreat and take cover for a while. During this time of…

  • women with brown hair posing for the camera adjusting her hair with one hand.

    41 and Fabulous

    This is me; 40+ and fabulous. Just like you, perhaps. My milestone 40th birthday came and went last summer with a fun party and a few laughs. I knew the big day was coming so I felt prepared, which made it kind of no big deal. I still feel great, but I just turned 41…

  • black and white photo of two brothers and their sister outside.

    Seattle Portrait Photography – Celebrating 10 Years

    Seattle photographer Lara Grauer is proud to share that August 2016 officially marks 10 years of independent business at Lara Grauer Photography! In 2006, a friend asked me to photograph her wedding. I was still using film at that point, so it was a significant moment for me. Ultimately, I decided to buy a digital camera, say yes to…

  • women taking a picture of a lake while a man standing next to her stares off into the distance

    Sunrise in Manitowish Waters, Wi

      “Hey La,” I gave her another nudge. “Hey, La, wake up.” It was somewhere between the crack of dawn and 4:45am, and the room was filled with a vivid red orange and pink glow. She opened her eyes. “Oh my gosh…” We both jumped right out of bed, stumbled around the room, tripping over…

  • multiple photos in binders layed across the floor

    The Journey to Shining My Light

      When I was in high school, I was a fun-loving young lady who excelled in school, friendship, and happiness. I was involved in a wide variety of activities including theatre, dance, swimming, gymnastics, and even sports training! Prior to high school, I sang in my church choir, I rode horses, and I took art…

  • two young people sitting on a log in front of a forest and large mountain

    Photos Help My Lame Memory

    The Northern Lights. You’ve heard of them, right? I saw them once in northern Wisconsin with my mom. We were driving in the middle of the night, and she woke me up to see them. I was young (maybe 11 or 12), and didn’t really understand the significance at the time; plus I was a bit groggy,…

  • brown guinea pig in a white photography studio

    Goodbye, George

    Today I’m writing with a bit of sadness for the loss of a pet. We inherited two guinea pigs from a friend over the summer – two brothers – and last week, one of them passed away. His name was George, and he was so loved. The kids shed countless tears for his loss, and…