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This is our archive of postings about photography techniques. Lara has been a professional working photographer since 1996. Here she talks about all the tricks of the trade that she’s picked up over the years. Everything from what to wear to a family photo shoot to lighting techniques and more. We share these photography techniques with you so that you get a better sense of the depth of Lara’s photography knowledge. Sometimes I’ll post about some of the techniques that I use as a photographer’s assistant. It’s a jack of all trades role that can provide an interesting behind the scenes look about the business of photography. Which often involves lots of gaffer’s tape and contorting my body into silly and uncomfortable positions.

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  • man in black suit in front of black wall with text saying why choose studio portraits vs environmental portraits.

    Studio Portraits Vs Environmental Portrait Photography

    An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment such as in their home or workplace. A typical environmental portrait simply will illuminate a subject’s life and surroundings. A studio portrait is a portrait which will focus less on surroundings and more on the individual by using sterile backdrops and props so…

  • apple maps images of pine ridge park

    Scouting Photo Shoot Locations – Pine Ridge Park, Edmonds, WA

    It was a downright balmy 70 degrees and sunny here in Seattle today, a perfect day for us to get out of the studio to scout a location for an upcoming photo shoot at Pine Ridge Park in Edmonds, Washington. We’ve been in the area for almost eleven years and never knew about this very…

  • brown haired teenage girl with a smiling expression and hands on her face

    Fun with flash

    I got out my speedlights and told my daughter it would be fun if she had her picture taken. To my delight, she agreed! I haven’t played like this in quite some time. Here are some fun shots, a total change of pace. All of the shots used a speedlight or two, and none of…

  • black and white small dog sniffing the ground in the forest

    5 reasons why I like to leave my lights at home

    I’ve been a photographer for quite some time now. I’ve worked both in and out of the studio, with and without lighting equipment. Back when I was first starting out on my own as a photographer, I must admit I was a bit afraid of lighting. I didn’t know much about it (the mall studios…

  • american bald eagle mid flight in the air

    That Lucky Shot

      I spent last week up at Fort Casey, in Coupeville, Washington last week. I was volunteering at the parent-run camp for my kids’ school. Of course I brought my camera; how could I not? And besides, I was the designated “camp photographer” for the week, so it was a required. The first day we…