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As a specialty of ours, children photography can be a challenge but it’s quite rewarding. From the first shy few moments through getting the big smile from a child is a heartwarming process. I don’t think I’ve met a parent who has told me their child is easy to photograph. For me, it’s a matter of connecting with the child and getting to know them. Once they’re comfortable at home or where they like to play, they tend to open up. I know the photos I’m creating will be part of the family for a very long time. These photos will become heirlooms and cherished for generations. It doesn’t get much cooler than capturing the love of a child.

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  • black and white photo of a mom and her son in formalwear

    Seattle Kids & Family Portrait – Kids Grow Up in the Blink of an Eye

    Remember when your baby would gaze into your eyes, their tiny fingers grasping one of yours? Remember when they buried their head in the crook of your neck for soothing after they fell? Remember how they vigorously leaped across the furniture escaping the “hot lava” floors? Taking children and the many moments for granted in…

  • A mother and father pick up their young child and hug them together while laughing

    The Fun Begins Now

    Now that you have your life back after the holidays, doesn’t it feel good to relax a bit, let go, hang out in your pj’s and play with your kids, partner, friends, pets—whoever? Getting cozy in the winter comes naturally. And cozy makes for great pictures, the kind you look back on later with a…

  • family preparing their horses for a photography shoot

    Iowa City Farm Photo Shoot

    From time to time we at Lara Grauer Photography are known to take our show on the road to do remote photo sessions outside of the Seattle area. On Tuesday we found ourselves well beyond the beaten path down a long gravel road about 40 miles outside of Iowa City, Iowa for a family photo…

  • blue golf ball sitting in the dark being hit by a beam of light

    Fun Teaching Day

    I did a lighting activity with some middle-school kids this week. We practiced seeing light using a golf ball and a flashlight. We had a lot of fun exploring what happens when the light is shown at different angles: How does it affect the background? How does it impact the shape of the object? How…

  • mom and dad posing on a log with their young son and daughter

    The Making of a Beach Portrait

      I do a lot of family portraits on the beach. I like it there, and I’ve gotten familiar with the process of not only shooting the photos, but editing them as well. Late afternoon conditions can be a challenge when you’re shooting against a bright sky without artificial light sources to balance it out.…