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I’ll take the best darned photos of your kids and your family ever – guaranteed.
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mother holding the hand of her young daughter in the outdoors.
young boy and girl wearing formalwear looking at eachother.
photo of a married couple touches their heads together and laughing.
portrait of three kid brothers in a log fort at the beach

My Family Portrait Session Process

The first step is to schedule a design consultation. We will discuss your ideas, look at places where you can show off your final piece, and make a plan for your family photos to be everything you want it to be. It’s all about establishing a vision. What colors should you wear? Should your clothes be casual? How will the art look in the room after it’s finished? How do you want to feel when you see it? Let’s figure out what story we’re telling, and how to communicate that in your family portrait.

Once we’ve answered these questions and come up with a design, we’ll move on to scheduling your photography session. Location and length of time will be based on what we decide in your consultation. While you wait for your session, we may exchange emails & phone calls about photography inspiration or clothing choices. No question is too silly – feel free to call me!

The session comes next – the day you’ve been waiting for! Since we’ll be fully prepared, you can arrive with confidence, and put your worries aside. Leave it to us to make our plans come to life. We’ll have a fun time working together, and making some amazing portraits that you’ll treasure for many years to come.

About two weeks after your session, we will meet for your viewing appointment. This is where you get to see your portraits and make your final selections. This appointment is always lots of fun! You get to experience how amazing your family is, and get ever closer to realizing the artistic vision we laid out during your consultation. Once your selections are made, I will retouch the portraits and prepare them for printing. In most cases, your prints will be ready to deliver about two weeks later.

Once your family portrait is hanging on your wall, the project is complete. But it doesn’t end there. Each day, you’ll walk by your custom portrait, and experience the awe and joy that your family brings you. As the years go by, this art work will become more and more meaningful. It represents your family at this precious moment in time – nothing will ever be quite the same again. The art on your wall allows you to relive that moment whenever you choose. That is a precious thing.

Packages And Pricing

Custom children and family portrait session pricing begins at $690. Fill out the form below or call for details and scheduling.

Let's Talk

As a leading professional Seattle photographer, I can promise that each photo shoot receives my very best. I’m available for regular bookings at my Lara Grauer portrait & pro headshot photography studio located on Seattle’s northside. Use the form below to email me with any questions you might have about your children and family photography session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lara & Art: It’s not work if you’re doing what you love

Since we’ll be photographing your family, you might want to know a little bit about us. Professionally we’re Lara and Art but our friends know us as Art and La. We’ve been joined at the hip since high school. We’re proud parents of two kids, a dog, and a guinea pig. La loves photography and Art supports her in all her endeavors. We love what we do and we have a ton of fun doing it.

Lara Grauer

CPP Certified Professional Photographer

black and white headshot photo of woman laughing with her eyes closed

Art Grauer

Photographer's Assistant

black and white headshot photo of a man laughing and looking to the left.

More About Lara Grauer Photography

woman posing for headshot portrait. Wearing a dark colored shirt with light blue stiched overalls, blond hair, wide eyed stair with hand resting on shoulder with a diamond wedding engagement ring and wedding band.

Seattle Portraits – You Are Worth It

Once upon a time, there was a sweet and loving young mom who spent a lot of time with her children. She loved her cell phone because it made it easy to take pictures wherever they went. She wanted to savor the special times her kids had as they grew and experienced the world. This…

Lively portrait of preschool girl grinning and dancing in white dress with gold butterflies overlaid onto white lace.

Seattle Portraits – Seasons of Childhood

Childhood is a beautiful chapter in life that occurs through five main seasons. As parents, we have the honor of watching our children move through each one up close. But when it’s over, the fading memories are all we have. I believe each season should be preserved with at least one wall-worthy portrait.  Lara Grauer…

black and white photo of a mom and her son in formalwear

Seattle Kids & Family Portrait – Kids Grow Up in the Blink of an Eye

Remember when your baby would gaze into your eyes, their tiny fingers grasping one of yours? Remember when they buried their head in the crook of your neck for soothing after they fell? Remember how they vigorously leaped across the furniture escaping the “hot lava” floors? Taking children and the many moments for granted in…

A mother and father pick up their young child and hug them together while laughing

The Fun Begins Now

Now that you have your life back after the holidays, doesn’t it feel good to relax a bit, let go, hang out in your pj’s and play with your kids, partner, friends, pets—whoever? Getting cozy in the winter comes naturally. And cozy makes for great pictures, the kind you look back on later with a…

a printed image of grandparents in an orange frame on a fridge with a printed recipe under it

Why Do Portraits Matter?

I’ve been thinking of my clients, friends, and others in my network over the past 6 weeks, and wishing you love and good health. I know everyone is experiencing their own unique storm under the clouds of COVID-19. My storm has required me to retreat and take cover for a while. During this time of…

middle aged woman with blonde hair looking to the top left

Meet Astrid

Astrid grew up in Germany. She met her husband Rob at art school in Atlanta, Georgia. She has since spent many years as an artist and graphic designer, and she recently became a U.S. Citizen. Astrid and Rob have called many places home. They’ve spent years at a time in Georgia, Germany, Rhode Island, and…

summer family beach photography panorama at richmond beach saltwater park, puget sound washington

Summer Family Beach Photography

Yesterday we were out at one of our favorite outdoor photoshoot locations, the Richmond Beach Saltwater Park in Shoreline, Washington. We finally got a break from the heat and the wildfire smoke and had a gorgeous day for some relaxed family photography out on Puget Sound. The shot above is a panorama photo of one…

photo of a family walking on rocks alongside a water front with trees in background.

How To Choose Family Picture Outfits

You’ve got your family portrait session on the calendar, and now it’s time to get ready. The biggest question: how to choose your family picture outfits. What in the heck are you going to wear? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Colors Let’s start with colors: Where will you be hanging your pictures when they’re done?…

family preparing their horses for a photography shoot

Iowa City Farm Photo Shoot

From time to time we at Lara Grauer Photography are known to take our show on the road to do remote photo sessions outside of the Seattle area. On Tuesday we found ourselves well beyond the beaten path down a long gravel road about 40 miles outside of Iowa City, Iowa for a family photo…

black and white dog staring to the right with its tongue sticking out

Portraits are High-Priority

The end of 2013 was a bit sobering for me. My world now includes a child in the community with cancer, a newborn baby with unexplained seizures, a friend with preeclampsia, loved ones with ongoing pain and suffering, and elderly animals facing illness and death. For a typically optimistic person like me, this much bad…

blue golf ball sitting in the dark being hit by a beam of light

Fun Teaching Day

I did a lighting activity with some middle-school kids this week. We practiced seeing light using a golf ball and a flashlight. We had a lot of fun exploring what happens when the light is shown at different angles: How does it affect the background? How does it impact the shape of the object? How…

mom and dad posing on a log with their young son and daughter

The Making of a Beach Portrait

  I do a lot of family portraits on the beach. I like it there, and I’ve gotten familiar with the process of not only shooting the photos, but editing them as well. Late afternoon conditions can be a challenge when you’re shooting against a bright sky without artificial light sources to balance it out.…

two grandparents posing with their two grandchildren next to a waterfront

What I Did Last Week – In the Rain!

Last week, I had scheduled a September FUNdraiser, and it turned out to be an extremely wet weekend. I offered the participants an option to keep their appointment or move to the following week. This family chose to keep their scheduled time, and we got some amazing photos as a result. I’m really glad they…

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